Sunday, August 22, 2010

War without end: The Iraq debacle

image courtesy of War Crimes Times

A US based coalition of civil society groups opposed to US involvement in Iraq has released this statement to mark the August 31 supposed "withdrawal" of US troops from Iraq.

The Coalition concludes that:
  1. The US occupation continues, there is no reduction of US troops and the occupation is just being re-branded
  2. The overthrow of Saddam Hussein has not led to a better life for the majority of Iraqis- in fact the opposite is the case
  3. The majority of the 4 million refugees created by the military intervention have been abandoned
  4. Iraq does not have a functioning government
  5. The Iraq War has left a terrible legacy for US troops
  6. The war has drained the US treasury
  7. US officials who lied to prosecute the war have not been held to account
  8. The war has led to the pillaging of Iraq resources and institutionalized corporate corruption
  9. The war has not made the world more secure.
Makes you wonder what was the point of it all?. And what of the Australian Government's culpability for their active involvement in the occupation of Iraq. Just silence on that issue here in Australia.

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