Friday, January 15, 2010

The mad monk's green army is coming

image courtesy of The Punch

A few months ago Opposition Leader Tony Abbott was claiming that "climate change is crap". Voted in to the leadership of the Federal Liberal Party by the climate change deniers now in control of the Party Tony Abbott has all of a sudden turned environmental warrior.

Claiming he is a "pragmatic environmentalist" Abbott wants to convert all the environmentalists to the Liberal cause, save the Murray Darling and create a new 15,000 strong "green army". Climate change?. Well that's not really an important issue to the new "Green Liberals".

And of course Tony Abbott has a front bench with such impeccable environmental credentials- Barnaby Joyce, Nick Minchin, Kevin Andrews, Phillip Ruddock, Bronwyn Bishop, Julie Bishop to name just a few. All with proud records of fighting for environmental causes.

Just what is the cause of this Liberal conversion to environmental causes? Is there an election coming up!!!

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