Monday, November 2, 2009

Kevin Gilbert: "Life, after all is just a passing phase"

Kevin Gilbert was a pioneering Australian Aboriginal writer and artist. He published poetry, prose and plays and was an award winning artist. Kevin Gilbert was also a committed activist fighting for the rights of Aboriginal Australians. Gilbert died in 1993 aged 59.

This poem is from his book Black from the Edge.
Kevin Gilbert

Weep not for me for Death is
but the vehicle that unites my soul
with the Creative Essence, God.
My spiritual Being, my love, is
still with you, wherever you are
until forever.
You will find me in quiet moments
in the trees, amidst the rocks,
the clouds and beams of sunshine
indeed, everywhere for I, too, am
a part of the total essence of
creation that radiates everywhere
about you eternally.
Life after all is just a
passing phase

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