Monday, November 2, 2009

Farewell "Old Wal" : Walter Dardanelles Edwards 1915-2009

A funeral today for a fine man, one of the best. Old Wal lived a long life. He was born in 1915 in the shadow of the Gallopolli campaign and was named in honor of a much loved uncle, who died amongst the horror of the Dardanelles campaign.

Like many of his generation, Wal was shaped by the Great Depression and World War. Hard working all his life, he was devoted to family and to the responsibility that comes with citizenship- service to others and the community. Cricket was one of his great passions and he spent his life serving cricketing communities in rural and metropolitan WA with no desire for recognition, fame or personal glory.

I was honored to know Wal for a short period when our lives intersected. He was the life and blood of a cricket club I played with.

It is in the lives of extraordinary "ordinary" people - like Old Wal- where the greatest wisdom and richness lies. The lessons for our lives are all there.

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