Monday, September 14, 2009

What's playing today: Music to work by

Working from home has its advantages. One is being able to listen to the music you like without interruption or complaints from family. So during the day I play all the CD's that can't get played when the house is full

This week I am working on a difficult report; a complex and challenging report on a region wide project focused on planning and designing communities for older people that are age friendly and that make it easier for older people to age well and age actively.

Writing never comes easy for me so I need music that focuses my attention, encourages, inspires and moves me.

One of the CD's playing this week is Written in Chalk by Buddy and Julie Miller. Its a fine CD that covers plenty of ground- bits of country, folk, roots music, blues and Americana. Some of the rockier songs don't do it for me, but this is one of my standout CD's so far in 2009. There is fine instrumentation, great songs and both Buddy and Julie have haunting voices that are rich in emotion, particularly on the slower ballads.

While not household names Buddy and Julie Miller are highly respected composers, singer songwriters, instrumentalists and producers for many better known artists such as Emmylou Harris (who features on this CD), Steve Earle, Patti Griffin (also featured on the CD), Lucinda Williams and Solomon Burke.

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