Sunday, September 13, 2009

Days as a teacher at Scarborough Senior High School

Between 1978 and 1981 I spent 4 wonderful and formative years as a teacher at Scarborough Senior Senior High School teaching physical education, health and sexuality education and science. I started there as a first year out physical education teacher and worked with some wonderful people in the Physical Education Department there including Peter Hodgson, Dave Byers, Jim Baird, Tim Harrington and Linda Broun to name a few.

It was there I fell in love with a fellow teacher, made lots of friends, saw some colleagues (and students) die and generally learned a lot about teaching, about education and more importantly life. Have such good memories of all the students and still run into many of the students I taught.

I am currently gathering information for an article about a teaching colleague of mine and an outstanding student I taught. Both died young in tragic circumstances and their lives and deaths reach deep into the buried history of Western Australia.

The school closed in 1999 and now is the site of a ritzy housing development. Another example of public land and public infrastructure being sold off to private interests.

There is a website set up about the old school:

By accident I stumbled across this informative piece about the school and all my memories were revived.

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