Wednesday, August 5, 2009

John Pilger: pioneering Australian journalist recognised

Great news that Australian journalist John Pilger has been awarded the Sydney Peace Prize in recognition of his pioneering work as an author, journalist, film maker and war correspondent.
I reckon Pilger is Australia finest journalist, but he appears nowhere in any of the mainstream Australian press. The reason is obvious really. Pilger has spent nearly 5 decades exposing human rights abuses and trying to hold governments, politicians and corporations to account. And Pilger has been long standing and ardent critic of the Australian corporate media and public broadcaster the ABC.

You won't get to read John Pilger anywhere in the mainstream Australia press. He is vilified here by the corporate media and his work ignored. Let's be frank. His work is "censored" in Australia. If you want to read Pilger you have go to his own website read his articles which appear in the UK New Statesman and in various alternative media websites (such as Z Net, Media Lens and Information Clearing House). You might be able to pick up some of his outstanding documentaries in the documentary section of your local video shop or local library.

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