Monday, June 29, 2009

visitors, family, photos and meals

If you stay home, keep the same purpose,
to meet the innermost prescence
as it lives in people

Monday night here. Huge winter storm has been though Perth today. Howling winds and showers all day. The storm has caused damage across the city.

I fed a house full of people tonight. My nephew turned up for a meal at short notice and one of Lillian's friends from Bali needed somewhere to stay so she is staying here with us tonight.

We ended up eating in shifts as people came and went and then we sifted through a pile of old photos I was collating. Photos of children, brothers and sisters, cousins, marriages, of adults when they were young, long dead parents and family members, embarrassing shots of children when they were little.

My 13 year old son spent hours chatting with his cousin Alex and also made calls to absent brothers and sisters- his sister in Japan and to his brother here in Perth with questions about a supposedly missing 50 dollar note. Then there were his plans to trade in his I Pod for an I Pod touch and discussions with his cousin about how he could sell his I pod on E Bay.

All this whilst my son and his cousin flick between Wimbledon and various programs on Foxtel. I sit at the table watching and listening and talking to our visitor from Bali about her children who live in Bali. She is telling me about her highly intelligent son who she thought was autistic when he was younger. Now he is writing computer games and short stories.

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