Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Big Crock Candy Morrison: Richard O'Brien in response to Scott Morrison's 'gush up gospel'

cartoon by Fiona Katauskas.

Nice work by Richard O'Brien who has written the poem below (see here), in response to ridiculous claims by Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison that increasing the goods and services tax (GST) to 15% while slashing the company tax rate to just 22%, would stimulate economic growth and benefit the poor, the vulnerable and marginalised.

Ah the trickle down theory of economic policy. Make the poor poorer and the rich richer so that some of that money the rich make trickle back to the poor. Yeah that has worked so well for the poor and those who live precarious lives!!

Arundhati Roy calls it the 'gush up gospel' of economic policy:

"Well, trickle down hasn't worked, but gush up has"

Big Crock Candy Morrison
by Richard O'Brien

In the Big Crock Candy Morrison
There's a land that's so far right
That the handouts go to companies
While tax evasion's rife

Where the schools are underfunded
And healthcare gets the chop
 While penalty rates
Have hit the breaks
As the government
Butters up their mates
In the Big Crock Candy Morrison

In the Big Crock Candy Morrison
You'll pay more GST
While major multinationals
Will largely go tax free

Where wage growth's at its lowest
In over 50 years
While worker's rights
Are in their sights
And it all comes down
To a bunch of clowns

In the Big Crock Candy Morrison
In the Big Crock Candy Morrison
The jails are made of tin
And rich folk don't walk outta there
Cos they never go in

There ain't no plans to crack down
On wealthy Super scams

 I'm bound to stay
You'll get screwed all day
By an overpaid jerk
Who does fuck all work
In the Big Crock Candy Morrison -

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