Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chris Hedges and the lies of the liberal class

''It is only when we are not in pursuit of practical aims or material advantages that we can serve as a conscience and a corrective. Those who transfer their allegiance to the practical aims of power and material advantage emasculate themselves intellectually and morally........... Those who doggedly challenge the orthodoxy of belief, who question the reigning political passions, who refuse to sacrifice their integrity to serve the cult of power are pushed to the margins. They are denounced by the very people who, years later, will often claim these moral battles as their own. It is only the outcasts and rebels who keep truth and intellectual inquiry alive they alone name the crimes of the state. They alone give voice to the victims of oppression. They alone ask the difficult questions. Most importantly they expose the powerful, along with their liberal apologists, for what they have done"

Chris Hedges from The Treason of the Intellectuals, Truth Dig

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