Monday, April 15, 2013

Mark Mazetti on Obama and America's new war

The America journalist Mark Mazetti has published an important new book The Way of the Knife that documents how US President Obama has presided over a "third war", after Iraq and Afghanistan, that has resulted in an unprecedented expansion of the power of the CIA. Mazetti describes how the CIA under Obama has been transformed into a man hunting and killing machine.

This is the drone war, targeted killing and assassinations that Mazetti describes in this article in the New York Times as:
 "......a new American way of fighting, blurring the line between soldiers and spies and short-circuiting the normal mechanisms by which the United States as a nation goes to war"
Mazetti describes how the CIA has become consumed by drone warfare which is now the laboratory for new ways of killing.

Mazetti tells how covert drone warfare and targeted killings have been driven from the Obama White House by the President and his CIA Director John Brennan, and how it has transformed the CIA into a powerful para- military organization.

Mazetti also documents the increasing use by the CIA of private contractors and private corporations to carry out these targeted killings.

A long interview with Mark Mazetti is here

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