Saturday, December 29, 2012

Conor Ashleigh and photography that serves the cause of social and environmental justice

(photo courtesy of Connor Ashleigh and Sydney Morning Herald)
One of the best pieces of practical advice I was ever given was  just go out and shoot. I had looked at so many photographs in books, magazines and on websites however no number of pouring over others work could replace the value of photographing first hand. That piece of advice I still tell mutter to myself now, just go out and shoot!
Conor Ashleigh 
Recently I stumbled across the impressive work of Newcastle based photographic artist Conor Ashleigh whose photographic work from Australia and overseas can be found on his blog Visual storytelling + social justice + ideas from the road, his website here and his Facebook page. 

His work has featured on Triple J and a range of other publications including the Big Issue

He has recently completed a photographic project and exhibition capturing the diversity of the people and culture of the City of Newcastle.

Connor uses images to evoke critical thought, raise awareness and ideally create change on under-reported social and environmental issues. He also photographs activists and campaigners fighting for social and environmental change.

This photograph is from a series titled Why Climate Change in which Connor  asked activists attending the annual blockade of Newcastle harbour to sit for a photograph and also share a diary entry about why they care about climate change. A link to the entire series is here.

Much of Connor's work is self funded. In addition, he undertakes commissioned projects for Australia based community organizations and overseas NGOs. 

 Photo- Conor Ashleigh © 2012 All rights reserved. A women stands outside her home in Jaliakhali village in southern Bangladesh. Jaliakhali like many other villages built along river banks in the Dacope region is increasingly vulnerable to cyclone and the impacts of climate change.

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