Monday, October 22, 2012

Why politicians lie so much

"The answer is simple: they are caught in the contradiction of running for office in a democracy, but in order to govern on behalf of the wealthy. They need mass support to get elected, but their policies benefit only the few and the very few. Those policies involve the abandonment of public institutions and infrastructure, and destruction of the ideals and the social contract that have been the basis of America’s promise and its prosperity, and only to continue the massive transfer of wealth upward that began in the Reagan administration. They would make most Americans poorer and social mobility ever more difficult, so that those who have the most could get most of the rest.
And who would vote for that? As a result, the campaign for a feudal America has to lie. You might say we need a new word in the language: a word for policies so far removed from reality or decency that they cannot be advocated without lying"

From an excellent piece titled Lying: The Essential Republican Strategy on one of my favourite websites No Caption Needed.

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