Friday, February 11, 2011

Michael Leunig on bunkering down

image courtesy of Michael Leunig


Jamie White said...

I love this pic. When my dad died of heart failure in 2010, this pic was open on my mum's calendar Feb 2010. I imagine my dad is the character in the bunker, giving life back to his weak heart. Thankyou Leunig.

Jamie White said...

Bunkering down reminds me of my dad who died of heart failure in Feb 2010. This pic rings true to me as, when he passed away, the Feb 2010 calendar at my mum's was open to Bunkering down. I always imagine my dad is that little guy in the heart-shaped bunker trying to give some life back to his heart. One of his loves, besides mum and us in his last days, was growing things. Thank you Leunig.