Sunday, December 5, 2010

Veronica Brady's biography of Judith Wright

".....for Wright the truth of existence does not consist in reflection on commitment to it, but is to be found in the commitment itself: for her humanity and nature also are not and never have been something general, but are individual and singular. They demand personal response and commitment. That, I believe, is why her life has been so deeply involved with the pain of the world and of people but also why few have written so powerfully as she has done about the intensities and splendours of love, child-bearing and relationships with others and the living world around us. That, I suspect, is also one of the reasons why she has had such affinity for Aboriginal people and their culture"
Veronica Brady from an article on writing the life of Judith Wright
On flights to Broome and Kalgoorlie this week I re-read Veronica Brady's masterly biography of Judith Wright. Brady does a wonderful job of telling the story of Judith Wright, considered by many to be Australia's finest poet.

I am always deeply moved by this book. One reason is Judith Wright's profound and beautiful poetry which is quoted extensively in the book. Partly it is also the inspirational life of Judith Wright- her social and environmental activism, her integrity, the dignity and humility with which she lived her life, her commitment to the ideals of justice and her uniquely Australian world view.

But my enjoyment of this book is also attributable to Veronica Brady, who in telling the life story of Judith Wright's displays deep understanding, reverence and respect for the life and work of her subject.

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