Thursday, December 30, 2010

Robert Fisk: exposing brutality and hypocrisy in the Middle East

photo of families whose relatives vanished during the Algerian civil war (1990-98) demand to know what happened to their loved ones during a recent demonstation in Algiers (photo courtesy of AFP/Getty)

There is no better chronicler of the brutality of Western and Arab governments in the Middle East than Robert Fisk, the Middle East Correspondent for the UK Independent.

Fisk uncovers and exposes the hypocrisy of the West and its ally Israel, but is equally critical of the leaders, political elite and leadership of the Muslim world. And Fisk knows history well.

In his latest piece Robert Fisk writes of recent celebrations in Algeria to commemorate 50 years of freedom from French rule. Fisk points out that the generals and politicians who were out in full force making speeches against colonial tyranny were themselves responsible for the deaths of an estimated 25,000 Algerians during the Algerian Civil War of 1990-1998.

While the families of the dead and civil society groups seek justice for those who died during the Algerian civil war of 1990-98, Fisk reminds us that the security forces and army responsible for many of those deaths are still in control in Algeria. Only now they are allies of the USA in the fight against "terrorism".

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