Sunday, December 26, 2010

The lies we are told on a daily basis

Wikileaks continues to lay bare the lies told to us about Australia's involvement in the war on Afghanistan. A report in the Age today, based on cables published by Wiklileaks, shows how Australian Governments, military officials, diplomats and the corporate media deliberately and repeatedly lied about unfolding events in Afghanistan.
The Age story reports:
We squabbled with our allies, yet in public we talked of close co-operation. We frustrated the Americans with unfulfilled promises. Our politicians big-noted in public but dithered in private. Our bamboozled bureaucrats tried to make sense of the details. All along, the public was kept in the dark.

Not any longer.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, we have an insight into the diplomatic skirmishes behind the war in Afghanistan, now in its ninth year and which has cost 21 Australian lives.

Leaked US diplomatic cables expose friction between Australia and its allies, undermining the public veneer of coalition solidarity. 
And as Antony Loewenstein writes, Wikileaks also exposes the hypocrisy and decit of corporate journalists who collude with the political, military and diplomatic establishment to hide the real truth about Australia's involvement in Afghanistan.

Here is the real reason Wikileaks is being pursued with such vigor. It exposes the lies told to us on a daily basis by those who hold the reigns of power.

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