Monday, October 11, 2010

When money and power blinds common sense

Gee you have to feel sorry for Australia's corporate elites. Not content with their "ownership" of both political parties, or their control of the mainstream media, or their massive salaries and remuneration, or their part in overthrowing an elected PM, or their control of public policy in Australia, they are really really upset because they feel threatened for speaking their mind. 

National Bank Chairman Michael Chaney reckons that business leaders feel intimidated and can't speak their mind because of a fear of retribution.   

Oh Please!!! Chaney's statement is spread all over the Murdoch press whose propaganda rag for corporate Australia is hardly backward in expressing its pro corporate opinions. And the mining companies certainly did not seem too frightened when they launched their million dollar assault on the mining super profits tax. 

Despite his legendary status in corporate Australia Chaney has a history of making pompous and self serving pronouncements and this is no exception.

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