Sunday, September 5, 2010

Who will form Australia's next 'minority' government?

image courtesy ABC

The mainstream media suggests that all signs point to the three country Independents supporting the incumbent Gillard government, thereby allowing Labor to form a minority government. With lower house Independents Adam Bandt and Andrew Wilkie already supporting Labor and  the formation of a Greens-Labor alliance in the Senate enabling Labor to govern with Senate support, the view being expressed by the mainstream media is understandable.

But I am not so sure. My view has always been that the three Independents will support a Coalition government (see here) and I still hold that view. But, by the end of this week we will know one way or the other.

Like many of Australians I am hopeful that the cracks that have appeared in in the hegemony of the two party system will continue to widen and that the Independents and Greens will exercise their power for serious reform.

The scare mongering and fear about the shift to the left is palpable. The Murdoch rags are railing against the Greens' ascension to power and are making all sorts of predictions about this leftist takeover of the reigns of governments. How we wish!!

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