Monday, September 27, 2010

Review of the most important book published in WA in 2010

 My colleague Professor Gavin Mooney has written a review of what is in my view the most important West Australian book published in 2010. The book Under Corporate Skies, A struggle between people, place and profits by Martin Brueckner and Dyann Ross is the story of a West Australian community torn apart and people's lives destroyed by the power of a multinational mining company protected and supported by the WA government.

 In WA we are used to the State Government (Labor and Liberal-National) actively protecting and promoting the interests of large mining and resource companies, but the story of Alcoa, the small southwest town of Yarloop and the WA Government is deeply troubling. 

In this review to be published in Online Opinion Professor Gavin Mooney concludes that this important book shines the light on the shocking state of democracy in WA.

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