Saturday, September 18, 2010

Economists warn of grave danger ahead

Three hundred US economists have warned that current US economic policies risk plunging the US into a deep depression, unseen since the 1930's. 

As the economic circumstances of ordinary Americans worsen, the economists are warning against "deficit hysteria", the contemporary obsession with short term government deficits which lead governments down the path of severe austerity measures and massive reductions in public spending. 

The economists argue that defecit hysteria is a manufactured crises and is being used as cover for other agendas, including more privatization and slashing of social security and social spending.

The economists stress the need for increased public investment to thrust the US economy back into recovery.

The economic crises confronting the US is borne out by recent data which shows that more Americans are poor than ever before (since data was collected). Unemployment and job losses continues to rise and there are now 43.6 million Americans who are poor, as measured by the US Census Bureau. 

Juxtapose this information with the graph below about US income growth (posted before) and we can begin to understand what David Harvey means by accumulation by dispossession, the process whereby the super rich, the rich, the wealthy and upper middle class gain greater wealth and power at the expense of the rest.

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