Monday, August 30, 2010

Ken Whyatt makes Australian history

I am no fan of the WA Liberal Party, however it is wonderful to see the election of Ken Whyatt as the member for Hasluck and the first ever Aboriginal member of the House of Representatives.  Ken will be a outstanding addition to the Liberal Party's rather mediocre Federal and State Parliamentary talent pool and let's hope he can change the Party's rather appalling record of late on Aboriginal issues.

Ken's election also featured as a lead story on one of my favourite US websites Truth Dig.

Ken was very gracious in his comments on ABC Radio this morning, acknowledging the fine work of his predecessor Sharon Jackson and the significant action taken by the Rudd Government in saying sorry to Aboriginal people removed from their families.

Let's hope we see more Aboriginal people elected to Parliaments around WA and for this reason  we should all support the Ecological Social Justice Aboriginal Political Party which aims to get more Aboriginal people elected to Parliaments around Australia.

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