Thursday, August 19, 2010

The genius of actor John Cazale

The American screen and stage actor John Cazale is one of my favourite actors. In each movie he made John Cazale dazzles with performances of great humanity, integrity and intensity.

Before his premature death in 1978 aged 42, Cazale made just five movies, but all of them stand as among the iconic movies of all time. Cazale had starring roles in the Godfather & Godfather II, Dog Day Afternoon, the Conversation and The Deer Hunter. His influence upon actors such as Al Pacion, Robert De Diro and Meryl Streep was immense.

A documentary on the life and work of John Cazale titled I Knew it Was You appears regularly on Foxtel and is a magnificent tribute to a fine actor. If you get the chance, watch it and marvel at the brilliance of Cazale's work and the enormous respect that his fellow actors and Directors have for him and his work.

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