Friday, June 25, 2010

Julie Gillard, Kevin Rudd and ugly truths about the Australian corporatocracy

So Australia has a new Prime Minister and a woman at that. That's the only good news from the political "execution" of Kevin Rudd.

An elected Prime Minister has been swiftly dispensed by corporate and political power- the corporatocracy. I was no fan of Kevin Rudd, but he challenged both the mining industry and the factional power brokers who run the Labor Party. So there was blowback.

A powerful corporate industry- the mining industry- and its corporate media allies has taken the scalp of an elected Prime Minister with whom it disagreed violently. While it was right wing factional power brokers and union heavyweights in the Labor Party who engineered the demise of a Prime Minister, let's not forget that it was the mining industry who had been working to bring down the Rudd Government. And they have succeeded.

A longer piece on these issues will appear soon.

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