Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In memory of Charles Moore civil rights photographer

Martin Luther King taken into custody Montgomery Alabama 1958
photo copyright Charles Moore/Black Star

Fire hoses turned on demonstrators Birmingham 1963
photo copyright Charles Moore/Black Star

Sad to hear of the death recently of the American photojournalist and photographer Charles Moore who died on March 19 aged 79. Charles Moore was perhaps the most influential photographer of the American civil rights movement. His black and white photos captured the hatred of southerners and the violence inflicted by police and white authorities on African American protesters. To capture his photographs Moore immersed himself in events as they unfolded, often at great physical peril. Moore's photos were instrumental in generating national and international support for the civil rights movement.

There are excellent pieces on Charles Moore in the New York Times here, and here

A selection of his civil rights photos can be viewed here

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