Sunday, March 14, 2010

When poetry comes to haunt you: The Distance between Two Doors

image courtesy of The Distance Between Two Doors

One of my favourite blogs has reappeared after a period off line. The blog The Distance Between Doors is dedicated to poetry and literature, particularly Arabic poetry and literature. The blog also publishes work of the great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish that is otherwise unavailable in Australia. For poetry fans the Distance Between Doors is an experience to savor.

A previous piece of mine about the blog can be found here. A recent post on Distance Between Doors contains this poem by Mahmoud Darwish.

I Used to Love Winter
By Mahmoud Darwish

In the past, I was inclined to love winter,
and I listen to my body.
Rain, rain, like a love letter pours licentiously
from the imprudent heavens.
Winter. A cry. An echo
hungry for the embrace of women.
In the distance, the steamy breath
of a horse carrying clouds...white, white.
I used to love winter, to walk joyfully to my
rendezvous in space drenched in water.
My love used to dry my short hair with
Long hair luxuriant with wheat and chestnuts.
She was not content with singing
I and winter love you,
so stay with us! She would warm my heart
on two hot gazelle fawns.
I used to love winter,
and I would listen to it,
drop by drop.
Rain, rain like an appeal to a lover,
Pour down my body!
Winter was not lament pointing
to the end of life. It was the beginning. It was hope.
So what shall I do, as life falls like hair?
What will I do this winter?

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