Thursday, February 11, 2010

Michael Breen's travels through Burma, Thailand and Laos

(photos taken by Michael Breen)

My good friend and esteemed colleague Michael Breen spends time each year traveling through northern Thailand, Burma (Myanmar) and Laos. Michael has family living and working there and also teaches English to various local people.

Michael has set up a website about his travels. It's a collection of photos, reflections on daily life during his travels and vignettes about people he has met and places he visited. Much more than a travel diary, its a moving reflection on life, on people and on places. Michael's introduction to his web site speaks in the following terms:
"Sometimes we travel on the surface of the globe and sometimes we travel inside the mysterious globe of ourselves"
The quote below from Rumi reflects the spirit and ethos of Michael's travels. It's a lesson for all of us in our busy daily lives:
"Give thanks; don’t be arrogant or vain
Pay attention without self-importance"
Michael has written some wonderful and moving pieces about people he has met in his travels. and places visited. This is a piece here about a man he met at a local market. And another piece here about conversations on a boat sailing down the Irrawaddy River from Bagan to Mandalay.

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