Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday's random thoughts*: attacks and murder of Indian students in Australia

(photo from AFP/File - William West from Tolerance.Ca)
" When obvious examples of racism appear to the public, they are considered to be isolated aberrations, to be addressed as anachronistic attributes of indiviual behaviour.... But if we see these individual eruptions of racism as connected to the persistence and further entrenchement of institutional and structural racism that hides behind the curtain of neoliberalism, their meanings canot be understood as individual aberrations...

The inability to recognise the contemporary persistence of racisms within institutions and other social structures results in the attribution of responsibility for the effects of racisms to the individuals who are its casualties, thus further exacerbating the problem of failing to identify the economic, social and ideological work of racism"

Angela Davis

* Random thoughts is a weekly attempt to use the words and thoughts of others to illuminate aspects of contemporary life here in Australia and Western Australia.

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