Saturday, January 30, 2010

Poetry from the middle east and arab worlds

(image from the blog The Distance between Doors)

One of the wonderful things about the "blogosphere" is stumbling across blogs developed by people who have a passionate interest and deep knowledge of particular topics. The Distance between Doors is one of the more interesting blogs I have seen. Devoted to the study of poetry and literature, particularly middle eastern poetry, the blog contains an incredible collection of poetry by famous and lesser known poets from the Middle Eastern and Arab worlds. The blog combines evocative photos and images, clips and videos, with direct quotes from poems, novels, speeches and articles.

The title for the blog comes from a Mahmoud Darwish poem:
"Time passes through us, or we pass through it
as guests to god's wheat.
In a previous present, a subsequent present,

just like that, we are in need of myth
to bear the burden of the distance between two doors..."
If you are interested in poetry visit and search The Distance Between Doors. You won't be disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for admiring. Sadly, but my site was closed, here the new link to a restored one.