Sunday, January 24, 2010

David Marr on Australia's refugee policy: the more things change the more they stay the same

(image courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald)

The Howard Government is long gone but the consequences of its inhumane refugee policies continue. The rhetoric of the Rudd Government might have softened and some of the worst excesses of Howard's border protection and refugee policies are gone, but in reality little has really changed for people seeking asylum as David Marr's piece in Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald shows. All Australians should read this story.

David Marr's piece is a moving and affecting story of the devastating affects of Australia's policies on an Afghani family whose mother died in Perth's Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital whilst she and her family were held in detention. It is a devastating indictment of a cruel and inhumane system that continues to inflict suffering on people, despite claims to the contrary by the Rudd Government.

David Marr's earlier piece on Christmas Island showed that despite the Rudd Government's rhetoric, it continues to hold more children in detention on Christmas Island for longer periods, despite claiming otherwise.

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