Monday, December 14, 2009

Photos of civil society rising in Copenhagen

(photos of hundreds of detained protesters in Copenhagen
- a link to some fantastic photos can be found at the end of this piece)

There are moments in the history of great social movements that prove pivotal, when the momentum for change seems unable to be constrained. Let us hope that the citizen inspired climate justice movement that is rising in Copenhagen and around the world, represents such a moment

Over the weekend 100,000 people marched through the streets of Copenhagen to demand a fair, ambitious and binding deal to reduce emissions to address the climate change crises that confronts the world. It was the largest demonstration for climate justice in history. Similar demonstrations took place around the world. An estimated 90,000 people marched in demonstrations around Australia.

But judging by the actions of the Danish police there will be a backlash against citizens who demand action on climate change. The Danish police have shown little respect for the right of people to protest. Thousands of police blocked off streets, surrounded protesters and arrested over 1000 peaceful protesters.

Photos from protests outside the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit can be viewed at Photo Viewer -

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