Saturday, December 12, 2009

Arielle Azoulay: A photographic history of the Occupation 1967-2007

Each day I visit the fabulous website No Caption Needed to be enlightened and moved by the photographs and discussion that appear there. No Caption Needed explores the role of photographs and photojournalism in a democratic society. It is one of a number of websites (see (Notes On) Politics, Theory and Photography) that expand on the idea that photographs can be tools to think with.

It was on No Caption Needed that I first saw the photos above. They are from an exhibition titled Act of State which is the first photographic history of the occupation of the Palestinian territories. The exhibition, which comprises 700 photographs, is curated by Ariella Azouulay an Israeli activist, academic and artist. She is the author of a book The Civil Contract of Photography which I look forward to reading.

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