Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dave Zurin: A sports writers worth reading who writes on corporate and business power in sport

Dave Zurin is the sports editor for The Nation, one my favourite US political magazines. Zurin writes about the corporate takeover of sport, the greed and corruption of sportsmen and sports administrators, and the nexus between sports, politics and business. Zurin writes about issues that are overlooked by sports journalists and the corporate media and poses challenging moral, social, political and economic questions about sport.

Zurin has written a provocative piece in the Nation this week on the media controversy swirling around US golfer Tiger Woods. Zurin reckons that the media should pay less attention to Woods's private life and more to the deals he does that directly benefit unaccountable corporations, dictatorships and exploitative governments. Zurin writes:
"Woods has every right to keep his personal problems personal. But when he makes deals that benefit dictatorships and unaccountable corporations all in the name of his billion dollar brand he deserves no privacy"
Zurin documents Woods's deals with corporations that prop up dictators, commit human rights abuses and dump toxic waste in third world countries and his involvement with governments that openly exploit foreign labour and profit from the global sex trade.

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