Thursday, November 19, 2009

In WA receiving a Freddo Frog worth less than $1 is a crime but stealing $100 million of other people's money isnt??

Ah the wonders of the Australian legal system. Compare the very different treatment of Aboriginal children with corporate criminals.

A 12 year old Aboriginal boy in a WA country town is charged with a criminal offence for receiving a stolen chocolate frog worth less than $1 because the police wanted to teach him a lesson.

A high profile West Australian businessman who stole over $100 million of other people's money in Australia's largest corporate fraud continues to live the high life in multi- million dollar mansions in the Gold Coast, Bali and London, so far untouched by the authorities.

The Aboriginal boy is turned into a criminal and charged with a criminal offence. WA's Premier, the "tough on crime- well unless its corporate crime"- Colin Barnett defends the police.

The businessman who is refereed to in the media as a"discredited businessman" has never been charged with a criminal offence and is unlikely to be. Nor are all the other corporate and financial spruikers who benefited from and promoted his fraud.

Please explain!!!!!

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