Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday's Random thoughts*:

"The rhetoric of today's political leaders serves neither construction nor conservation. Its aim is to dismantle. Dismantle what has been inherited from the past, socially, economically and ethically, and in particular, all the associations, regulations and mechanisms expressing solidarity...............
.......... Consequently the process of dismantling has to be disguised and hidden. And today this is the political leader's first task. Their own role of course is also being dismantled. But they have already chosen to exercise enjoy and exploit their albeit diminished powers, rather than confront any global truth. It is this which explains their pragmatism combined with their staggering lack of realism. As also their unprecedented shiftiness as politicians.

Their task is to prevaricate whilst the broker's deal is arranged elsewhere.

Return now to the typical address of political leaders in the times we're living. Whenever they face contestation they have to hide what is happening by erecting a wall of opaque words... A verbal wall to hide what is happening"

John Berger, 2006

John Berger is a renowned artist, novelist, painter, essayist, filmmaker and critic.

* Friday's random thoughts is a weekly attempt to use the words and thoughts of others to illuminate aspects of contemporary life here in Australia and Western Australia.

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