Sunday, November 8, 2009

Currently listening to debut CD by East Timorese musician Ego Lemos

"The aim of these recordings is to share with the rest of the world Timorese music, and the messages about peace and nature, and moreover, to diversify the roots of the world music" Ego Lemos 2009
If you can afford $25 do yourself a favor this week and go out and buy this remarkable CD.

East Timorese musician and activist Ego Lemos 's debut CD O Hele Le is one of my favourite CD's of 2009. Recorded in Darwin and released on Skinny Fish Music this is simply a stunning collection. You won't hear much better music than this.

Lemos sings in Tetum, the language of East Timor, as well as in English. The instrumentation is largely acoustic- acoustic guitar, double bass, flutes, percussion, strings, accordion, mouth harp- and you can hear the fado influence from Portuguese music in the songs.

You can listen to a few songs here on the ABC's Daily Planet program and also the ABC Music Show . There is also an interview with Ego Lemos recorded at WomAdelaide early this year
Links to a recent story in the Australian press on Ego Lemos are here.

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