Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Australian government and the Goldstone Report

There is an excellent piece by Jake Lynch* in New Matilda today on Australia's rejection of the findings of the Goldstone Report into war crimes during the Gaza conflict early in 2009.

Lynch points out that Foreign Minister Stephen Smith's rejection of the Goldstone Report echoes Israel's own "propaganda" on the sequence of events and its rhetoric about the Goldstone Report. Lynch cites Stephen Smith's comment that Australia's rejection of the Report was due to its:
"unbalanced focus on Israel (and) insufficient attention to Hamas's actions prior to the conflict, especially rocket attacks"
As Lynch points out and documents in his article, there is plenty of evidence to dispute the Foreign Minister's assertions.

Stephen Smith is the local member for the electorate in which I live, which includes a large proportion of Perth's Jewish community. Smith's pro-Israeli stance is a long standing position the Foreign Minister has taken on matters pertaining to Israel, its occupation of Palestinian lands and its treatment of the Palestinian people. But it is troubling to see how the pro-Israeli view now reflects and permeates Australian foreign policy as well.

*Jake Lynch's other writings on Australian Foreign Policy can be viewed here
and he also writes on this site.

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