Saturday, November 14, 2009

Activist photography

Harvey Finkle is an American documentary photographer who chronicles social and political activism and political protest. His work reflects the best tradition of what can be called "activist photography". Finkle has taken photographs all over the US as well as in Gaza, Brazil, India, Guatemala, Israel and Cuba.His work has been extensively exhibited and published, including three books entitled, Urban Nomads, Still Home: Jews of South Philadelphia, and Reading.

His is an inspirational story (a story from the Philadelphia Inquirer is here). Originally trained as a social worker he stumbled into photography and activism in his 30's after the birth of a son who was born deaf.

Now aged 75, Finkle has spent 30 years recording the the struggles and activities of social justice campaigning organizations in areas such as disability rights, anti-war, affordable housing, child poverty, immigrants and refugees, women's rights, death penalty, labour and employment. Much of the time Finkle works for free, because most organisations lack the funds to pay him. He has produced an amazing and inspiring body of work that can be seen on his website (

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