Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Currently playing- Kris Kristofferson's new CD

"Killing babies in the name of freedom
We've been down that sorry road before
....Bombing Baghdad
back into the stone age
Round the clock, non-stop
for forty days
Killed them in their homes and on their highways
Fighting Terrorism"
Kris Kristofferson, Don't Let the Bastards get you down
Currently playing on the CD at the moment is Kris Kristofferson's new album Closer to the Bone. Musically its a sparse album- acoustic guitar, bass and mandolin, some violin and harmonica- and not for everyone. Kristofferson is now aged 73 and it shows in his voice. It sounds a struggle sometimes.

But the intimacy, depth and wisdom in the lyrics reflect a man facing the reality of the contemporary world and of his own life and of death. Kristofferson has always been a songwriter engaged with the social and political issues of the day and so it is with this album. But this is also an album that reflects on the daily cycles of life- questions of meaning, family, children, friendships and love.

The copy I bought has a bonus live CD featuring a wonderful live version of one my favourite Kristofferson songs Sunday Morning Coming Down.

The Hurst Review has an insightful piece on the album that can be read here.

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