Sunday, September 27, 2009

the wonder of the wild- Yellowstone Park

(photo taken from the BBC program)

The first episode of the three part BBC program on Yellowstone has just shown on the ABC. It is one of the most spectacular nature programs I have seen. Such amazing footage of the wildlife and landscape. And a reminder of the fragility and wonder of the natural environment.

This quote is from a review of the program in the Sydney Morning Herald:

"The footage captured by the Animal Planet and Discovery Channel is marvellous; the animals' interactions captured so perfectly it's as though they're puppets on a stage.

Some time is devoted to the geological and natural phenomena of Yellowstone but the fortunes of its wildlife is the focus. It's a stunning insight into the workings of the world's first national park, with a visible storyline"
For the next two Sundays I will be glued to the TV at 7.30pm.

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