Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The rich are destroying the earth

"It is terrible that human beings so easily put up with existing conditions, not only with the sufferings of strangers but also with their own"
Bertolt Brecht, The World's One Hope
The quote below is taken from the latest weekly online newsletter of Too Much: A commentary on Excess and Inequality, a project exploring corporate and financial excess and inequality in the US and throughout the world. The Too Much project is an initiative of United for a Fair Economy and the Council on International and Public Affairs
"As a direct result of the current global recession, the World Bank reported last week, 89 million more people across the world will next year drop into extreme poverty — less than $1.25 of income a day. Meanwhile, says the latest annual Boston Consulting Group global wealth analysis, the world's financial millionaires last year parked $1.8 trillion worth of offshore assets in Swiss banks, 155 times more than the $11.6 billion the World Bank estimates the world's poorest nations will need next year to avoid core cutbacks in basic programs that serve their poorest families".

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