Friday, August 28, 2009

why should massive public funding pay for private schools for the rich, wealthy and privileged middle classes

In the latest edition of the Jesuit edited and funded online magazine Eureka St Ross Fitzgerald has spoken one of the unspeakable truths about the private school system- that it uses massive public funding to serve the interests of the wealthy, the rich and the already privileged.

In a piece titled How Catholic Schools are failing the poor there is this:

"As a result of the Catholic precedent, state aid to private schools has resulted in a class-differentiated school system, with poor children disproportionately enrolled in state schools. In effect, Catholic schools, intended first and foremost for the poor, have become the instrument through which millions of tax dollars are siphoned off public schools and given to the private sector"

Not surprisingly in a Catholic publication there are some heated responses to the article. One describing it as one of the worst ever published by Eureka St.

For a quick picture of the consequences of this you just have to go and visit most public high schools and compare their facilities with the opulence, grandiosity and privilege of private school facilities, most of which are funded out of the public purse, but only available to those who can afford a private education.


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