Monday, August 10, 2009

great to have him back!!!

Just when we thought we were safe from John Howard's ideological zealotry he comes back to share with us his views on all matters journalistic. In a recent speech at Melbourne University John Howard has offered an in depth insight into the views on the media that he imposed on the nation during his time as Supreme leader.( And what an understanding Johnnie has of the complex and serious responsibilities of the profession of journalism. John seems to reckon that:

The majority of journos are lefties
The problems his government had getting their message out to the Australian people was because of the inherent left wing bias of journalists (what like the Australian or the West Australian?)
Talkback radio is the best way to get a message out as it is uncontaminated by the interpretation of journalists (meaning that they don't ask hard questions or offer scrutiny)
Alan Jones is one of the most highly researched and intelligent people (John seems not to have heard about Cash for Comment)
The media are too cynical
The ABC can't accept that there might be any doubt about climate change
The media was too hard on Pauline Hanson and then Governor-General Archbishop Hollingworth
That he was the one who really knew how to handle Pauline Hanson

Gee whiz I am so looking forward to his "pay me a big advance and I'll tell you the real truth" book soon to be published to see what other farsighted and intelligent ideas he has to offer.

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