Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Joe Henry new CD on the Weekend Planet

Saturday and Sunday nights 10.00pm to midnight are for listening to Doug Spencer on the Weekend Planet on ABC Radio National The Weekend Planet is a musical smorgasbord each week, described on its website in the following way:
"The Weekend Planet ranges across the world's most eloquent, vibrant, individual, intimate, inventive and beautiful music. Each edition is highly diverse, but has a particular focus. Surprising connections abound"
Each week the program features a new release, as well as a range of other musical styles. This week was a highlight for me with tracks from the new album Blood from Stars by one of my favourite American singer songwriters Joe Henry. You can listen by going to audio on demand on the Weekend Planet website

A review of the new CD can be found on the Hurst Review, the best musical website going around.

As well as being a highly innovative musician and singer Joe Henry is such an intelligent, evocative and thoughtful songwriter. I have always been intrigued by how a song is created. In this piece Joe Henry has written one of the best descriptions I have read of how a particular song is created and crafted He writes about the creation of Our Song which I reckon is the best song on his last CD Civilians and musically and politically one of the great songs written about contemporary America.
"But we've squandered so much of our good will
But there's nowhere else will have us know.
We push in line at the picture show
For cool air and the chance to see
A vision of us portrayed
As younger and braver and humble and free"

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